Experience a night of spirituality at Cary Masjid on the night of July 1, 2016.

8:30 pm:   Start the evening at the One Dish Pot Luck Iftar – Sharing iftar (fast-breaking) meal is very rewarding (thawab). RasulallahSAW declared, “If a person gives iftar to a fasting person in this month, his sins will be forgiven. And he will be given as many rewards as has that fasting person.


10:15 pm: Isha, Taraweeh & Khatam Quran: Insha Allah! We will complete the Quran recitation during Taraveeh on the evening of Ramadhan 27, July 1, 2016. This could also be the Night of Qadr, Insha Allah! The night of Qadr (Lailatul Qadr) is a very blessed night – it brings blessings from AllahSWT equivalent to worshipping for 1000 months (imagine it! blessings from AllahSWT worth a whole lifetime worth of Ibadah.) We invite you and your friends to join us for ‘Isha, Taraweeh and other Ibadah this evening. Insha Allah the ‘Isha prayers will start at 10:15 pm followed by Taraweeh prayers. Alhamdu Lillah! Last year we ran out of space at the Masjid – so please come early.


1:00 am: Salat Tasbeeh: RasulAllahSAW recommended this prayer to his Uncle AbbasRA, and said that those who offers Salat Tasbeeh all their past sins are forgiven.


2:45 am: Qiyammul Lail: We will offer 4 Rakaat of Qiyammul and make a Dua after that.


3:30 am: Sahoor


4:45 am: Salatul Fajr