Islamic Association Of Cary Online Masjid Construction Fundraiser

We cordially invite you to attend an online fundraising event for the construction of the Cary Masjid.

We are in extraordinary times indeed! Due to COVID-19 and the circumstances surrounding the crisis, the Islamic Association of Cary has made the decision to move the 2020 Masjid Construction Fundraiser online.

As you all must be well aware of, we are on the last and final step of completing the long awaited construction of the New Masjid. It is now more than ever that we must come together as a community and give each other strength to finally finish building the house of Allah. We ask you all to find it in your heart to be generous and give to this cause.

So please, Brothers and Sisters, join us online Saturday, April 4th, 2020 for the Cary Masjid Construction fundraiser.

Further information and details regarding the livestream will be sent out via email closer to the event’s date.
Meanwhile, please RSVP here so we can plan the event better.

Islamic Association of Cary