Abundant Rewards in this month
Among the innumerable bounties that AllahSWT has bestowed upon the Muslims, Fasting is one of those magnificent bounties. Fasting in Ramadhan is a complete treasure of blessings. For every good deed one is rewarded more than ten times. Its purpose is to cleanse oneself from all filth and raise him to a higher spiritual level.

AllahSWT said: “O you who believe, fasting has been ordained upon you just like it was ordained upon people before, you so that you can achieve Taqwah (spiritually cleansing.)”

RasulAllahSAW said that AllahSWT said: “Every deed that the son of Adam commits is for him, but fasting is for Me and I give reward for it. Fasting is a shield for sins. When one is fasting, he should abstain from foul language and engaging in fights; if someone fights with him or calls him with foul language, he should excuse himself saying: “I am fasting.” By Allah in whose hands is MuhammadSAW’s soul, the odor of one’s mouth who is fasting is better in the eyes of Allah than Mushk (Musk.)” [Bukhari]

Sahoor (Eating before the Fast)

Eating Sahoor is a Sunnah of RasulAllahSAW. AllahSWT has placed many blessings in it.

RasulAllahSAW said: “Observe eating Sahry, there are blessings in it.” [Bukhari/Muslim]  

In another Hadiths, RasulAllahSAW said: “Sahoor is the differentiator between my fasting and the fasting of the people of the Book.” [Muslim]

Iftar (Eating to break the Fast)

Iftar is not like ordinary meals, there are tremendous blessings in it. One should eat Iftar immediately following the sunset; AllahSWT dislikes any delay in it.

RasulAllahSAW said: “As long as people break their fast with Iftar without any delay, blessings will accompany them.” [Bukhari/Muslim]

Lailatul Qadr (the night of Qadr)

Every moment in Ramadhan is means to achieve nearness to AllahSWT, especially, the last ten days are full of unlimited blessings. In these ten days, there is one night in which the worship is better than worship of 1000 months. Quran was descended in the same night. 

RasulAllahSAW said: “Anyone who worships during this night with sincerity and pure heart, all his sins of the past and future are forgiven.” (Bukhari/Muslim)

RasulAllahSAW said: “Search for Lailatul Qadr during the last ten night.)”  (Bukhari/Muslim)        

In another place, it is said to look for in the odd nights of the last ten nights.

I’tikaf (worship in seclusion)

A great bounty during the last ten days in Ramadhan is I’tikaf, it is Sunnah of RasulAllahSAW.

Abu HurairahRA said: “Every year in Ramadhan, the ProphetSAW used the observe I’tikaf for (the last) ten days; and the year heSAW left this mortal world, he observed it for twenty days.” [Bukhari]

af is Fard Kifayah – at least one person from the Masjid community must observe I’tikaf otherwise the whole community would be committing sin.

Sadaqatul Fitr (Obligatory charity at end of Ramadhan)

Sadaqatul Fitr is obligatory on every Muslim who possesses Nisab (minimum capital holding according to Shariah.)  It becomes due on sunrise of the Day of Eidul Fitr, but it is better to give as early as one can.

AbbasRA narrated that RasulAllahSAW said: “Sadaqatul Fitr has been made obligatory to remove the inadequacies of misdeeds during fasting and also to help the needy.” (Sunnan Dawood)