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“Towards a Happy Marriage” — Free Course on Saturdays

April 4, 2018 by admin in Breaking News

See Picture below for more details:

Please, fill out the questionnaire below to help us improve the course.

Single and married brothers and sisters are all highly encouraged to attend. No registration. No fee.

Please share especially with adults who are college and up.

Course Overview:

š Lecture 1:

– Why this course?

– To please Allah

– Because Islam calls us….

– Because our communities suffer

– What’s the ruling on marriage?

– What are the motives / reasons for marriage?

š Lecture 2:

How to prepare for marriage?

(Psychological preparation)

– Marriage is responsibility

– Duties & rights of every spouse

– Marriage requires sacrifice

– Marriage requires you to be willing to tolerate the difference of opinion

Lecture 3: How to Choose Your Spouse?

– Important advice for the married ones

– 7 Qualities your future spouse should have

– 2 Qualities special to the man

– 2 Qualities special to the woman

– What about love??

Lecture 4: The Engagement & The Contract

š Definition

š Who am I allowed to propose to?

š What is permissible & what is not during the engagement?

š What are the pillars of the marriage contract?

š What are the effects of the marriage contract?

š 8 Pieces of advice between the contract and the wedding

š What about the wedding night?

Lecture 5: Solving the Marital Problems (1)

š Introduction: Why the problems?

š Benefits of the marital problems

š 8 important rules to deal with the marital problems

š 10 important points on the family budget

š How to organize your budget?

š Important points on saving and shopping

Lecture 6: Solving the Marital Problems (2)

š What to do if the problem persists?

š What about divorce?

š When is divorce Haram?

š Summary

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