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Cary Masjid Policy for Moon-sighting Declaration – Eid Planning

June 24, 2017 by admin in Breaking News

At Cary Masjid, we observe the Fiqh for new Hilal declaration by actual sighting of the new crescent. Thus, tonight, June 24, 2017, we will wait for declaration by reliable sources that the new moon has been sighted. Per the astronomical projection, it is very likely that the new moon will he sighted tonight.  Please watch for the announcement at Cary Masjid website after 9:30 pm tonight.

If the new moon is sighted, we will hold the Eid Prayers at Cary Masjid at 8:30 am. Fajr will be at 5:15 am. Insha Allah

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Prayer Schedule

For May 26 (10 Ramadhan 1439)
Starts Iqamah
Fajr* 4:17 4:40
Zuhr 1:14 1:30
Asr 6:14 6:30
Maghrib 8:24
Isha 10:00 10:10
*Fajr ends at 6:03
The first Jum'ah service starts at 1:00pm and the second at 4:00pm.