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IQRA Academy at Cary Masjid

September 15, 2016 by admin in Breaking News

We are pleased to announce that we have established an educational arm of Cary Masjid under the leadership of Shaikh Abdullah Khadra. He has been appointed as the Director of Education and Youth Development. IQRA Academy encompasses all disciplines needed by our community for Islamic education: Hifz (memorization), Ijaza (certification of new Huffaz), Quran reading skills, Advance Tajweed, Sunday School, and a comprehensive Youth skills development program.

Quran Memorization: This program is designed to help students who are interested in memorizing Qur’an, to become Hafiz (who memorize Qur’an) of selected versus or the entire Qur’an. Shaikh Abdullah is uniquely qualified with Ijaza, in the Triangle Area, to certify proper memorization and recitation (Ijaza).

Basic Reading: This program is designed for people (children and adults) who have no previous knowledge reading Qur’an; this course will teach how to recognize Arabic characters and Accent Marks, how to pronounce Arabic sounds specially those which are not found in Latin languages and practice the basics of Tajweed.

Quran with Tajweed: This course is designed for people (children and adults) with a prior knowledge of reading Qur’an and they want to improve their reading with Tajweed, the course teaches proper recitation of Qur’an. Shaikh Abdullah will lead this program with the help of other highly qualified teachers.

Enrollment is now open. Contact Shaikh Khadra at 919-618-5478

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