Assalamu Alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Registration is open for this special program, but registrants will be in a wait-list when seats are full.

Current period of the program: September to April (8 Months)

Program Tuition: $150 a month per student. $275 for 2 siblings. $ 400 for 3 siblings.

Every student gets one hour with the teacher every week. That hour timing to be agreed upon by the teacher and the student. In addition, students are required to attend the Aljazariyya Tajweed Class.

This program grants the students who qualify an Ijazah in the recitation and teaching of the Holy Qur’an (Hafs Narration) from Sh. Abdullah Khadra, one of the holders of the highest Sanad Ijazah in the world in the narrations of Asim and Ibn Amir (rahimahumallah) through Shatibiyya way.


Please keep in mind the following when filling out the application:

  • We’re using a new registration system that allows us to better manage all registrants.
  • Under contact details, please enter the contact details of the parent/guardian who will be receiving regular updates from the school on their phone number.
  • Under registrants, please enter your child’s details. Select “Add more registrants” if you have more than one child.
  • In the payment/card details section, you will see an option for entering a promotion code. If you are taking only one hour a week, please enter the promotion code “normal” to be charged only $150 a month. If you have 2 siblings, enter the code “2huffath” to get a sibling discount of $ 25 a month.
  • You will be required to either sign up for “Monthly Recurring” payment using your card details, or pay for the full academic year up front with your card details. Please note that the program charges you for the whole year in advance by default, unless you check the “Monthly Recurring” in the card details section.
  • We now don’t accept any other payment methods (no cash, check, PayPal, etc) for your security and to better manage finances.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at

Or contact us at these phone numbers:

Principal Sheikh Abdullah Khadra: (919) 618-5478

Vice Principal: Sh. Zaher Mashal: texts or what's app only (919) 917-6071

We ask Allah to grant you and your children success and happiness in this
life and in the hereafter.

Please click the link below for registration and more details.