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Khatam al Quran at Cary Masjid – June 11, 2018

June 10, 2018 by admin in Breaking News

Insha Allah! The Khatam al Quran will be held at the Cary Masjid on Monday, June 11, 2018, at the new masjid location – 1155 W. Chatham St., Cary NC 27511.

This will be the first ever Khatam al Quran at this piece of land.

RasulAllahSAW, said, “Whoever institutes a good practice in Islam will have its reward and the reward of whoever acts upon it without detracting from their rewards in the slightest.” Sahih Muslim

10:00 pm: Isha, Taraweeh & Khatam Quran: Insha Allah! We will complete the Quran recitation during Taraweeh on this evening.  This could also be the Night of Qadr, Insha Allah! The night of Qadr (Lailatul Qadr) is a very blessed night – it brings blessings from AllahSWT equivalent to worshipping for 1000 months.  We invite you, your family and friends to join us for ‘Isha, Taraweeh and other Ibadah this evening.

1:30 am: Salat Tasbeeh: RasulAllahSAW recommended this prayer to his Uncle AbbasRA and said that those who offer Salat Tasbeeh all their past sins are forgiven.

2:45 am: Qiyammul Lail: We will offer 4 Rakah of Qiyammul followed by a Dua.

Important – please note:

  • Babysitting arrangement for children 3–10 years old has been arranged at the old Masjid facilities. Please bring your children by 9:45 pm. Older children and teens are welcome at the new masjid – but they must be with their parents praying. We request that children under 3 years old remain at home.
  • In case the parking lot at the new facility gets full, alternate parking is available at the old masjid lot – shuttle will be provided to transport to the new facility.

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